Standard of Excellence

Since the inception of our narrative with our grandfather Mr. Garg at the helm, a commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our endeavors. Quality, for us, is not just a principle but the essence of our existence, a fervent passion that courses through every facet of our being. The formulation of our Quality Standard stands as a pivotal measure, ensuring that our lofty expectations are met in the conception, construction, and delivery of each product.

Embedded in the very fabric of our brand is this benchmark of quality—experience GioItalia; experience excellence. At every juncture of our meticulous process, from design to material selection, through production, finishing, packaging, and delivery, we subject every piece of furniture to rigorous tests, ensuring that each phase of the production cycle aligns seamlessly with our exacting standards.

It is intrinsic to our nature to value every pair of hands contributing to our production process. Thus, we have cultivated a culture of excellence, recognizing and rewarding high-quality production over mere quantity. This approach not only sharpens our production team’s focus on detail but also fosters overall occupational well-being, unifying everyone under our visionary umbrella. In doing so, we make high-quality furniture accessible at equitable prices, steadfastly upholding the standards we pledge to deliver.

Maintaining Our Quality


All furniture is carefully designed and planned for intended uses


Raw material selection is chosen based on longevity and design needs


CNC precision guarantees perfect alignment on all parts every time.


Checks occur at every step, and validates every component


We trust our system and want you to also, that's why it's 10 years

Certifications and Labels

On Solid Wood

Protecting forests by promoting sustainable forest management to ensure forests will be around for generations to come.

On Plywood

Ensures forests are managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and improves lives of local people and economics.

All Cushion Foam

Voluntary testing analysis for environment, health and safety. Specifies substances that cannot be used and sets limits for others.


A standard and testing that helps consumers and companies make decisions that safeguard and maximize consumer safety.


A E.U. regulation to improve the protection of human and environmental health from the danger chemicals can pose.

Performance Fabric

An advanced fabric technology that protects every fiber with an invisible molecular layer and prevents stains. Clean with water.

All AquaClean

AquaClean has all the Performance without any of the harmful PFCs. Ensuring safety for both you and your new sofa.

All AquaClean

A property of the AquaClean technology is Safe Front. The same stain barrier protects against viruses and bacteria.


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