Founded by Avni Garg, Gioitalia is a leading furniture brand with a passion for design and quality. We bring you the latest trends in furniture, focusing on Italian design and craftsmanship. Our journey began with a fondness for Italian furniture and design. GioItalia was founded with the desire to bring the elegance and luxury of Italian furniture to customers around the world at an affordable price.

So, every piece of furniture is created with care and precision, using only the best materials and traditional Italian techniques. We believe that besides being functional, a furniture piece must also reflect one’s style and personality. Our team of experts selects only the finest Italian furniture pieces to ensure that we manufacture only high-quality products.

We strive to spread our passion for exceptional furniture globally by offering the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Over the years, Gioitalia has grown into a renowned brand known for its commitment to excellence and ability to create functional and exquisite furniture. Today, Gioitalia continues to thrive with a wide selection of furniture ranging from classic pieces to contemporary designs. Dive in and explore what our brand has to offer.